3 days / 3 talks
B2 Matchmaking
R&D Project Presentations
for Aerospace Technology

2016, October 13-14-15

What is AEROEX?

Aerospace Exhibition aims to create new cooperation and partnerships trough bringing academicians,
research institutions and industry companies who are working or conducting research in the aviation and space technologies together.

Companies that are active in aerospace sector, academicians who are conducting R&D projects in aerospace technologies field, and engineers that are interested in this field professionally are welcome to participate in Aerospace Exhibition.

Aerospace Exhibition will have three main events:

1- Aerospace R&D Project Presentations
2- Aerospace Talks
3- B2 Matchmaking Event

Main topics:

• Aerospace Materials
• Aerospace Aerodynamics
• Avionics
• Aerospace Communication Systems
• Energy Efficiency
• Green Technologies
• Launch Systems
• Satellite Technologies
• Material Science
• Drone technology